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Review: Coin Part 1

I finally received my Coin and had a chance to try it out so I thought I would share my experiences to date with a three-part series. In this post, I will start with some background on the product and my experiences before receiving the product. My next post will cover my impressions after using the product. My final post will talk about competitors and my overall impressions of the Coin product.

Review: Sococo

I recently had the opportunity to demo a tool used to bridge the gap with remote teams. The tool, Sococo, provides a virtual office where people can collaborate in a more traditional office environment. Objects such as offices, departments, and conference rooms are built into the tool to allow for easy collaboration. Just like in real life you can listen and talk to colleagues as well as message them and call them on the phone. In addition, screen sharing, white-boarding, and dash-boarding are all possible. In my mind this tool is the evolution of tools such as Skype, enriching the communication experience. For those of you who have not seen the tool, my first impression was that I was playing The Sims at work. The only real differences were the avatar being a circle with items added to it based on how you were connected (e.g. headphone, microphone, and eyes) and that you could only interact with the environment and not really change it.
After using the tool for several months I formed some opinions that I thought might be helpful for others considering the tool. The information that follows is based on my opinions and what I heard from others who have tried the tool.