Log Insight 4.0 Announced!

This morning, before the VMworld Barcelona General Session, Log Insight 4.0 was announced on the VMware Management blog! Sign up to be notified when the new release is available here. Also, be sure to register here to get access to the latest Tech Preview (available now!).

4.0 means it is a major release and it is not going to disappoint. Here is what is publicly known now:

New Server Features

  • vSphere 6.5 compatibility
  • New Admin Alerts Management UI
  • Syslog octet-framing over TCP
  • Supported deployment APIs

New UI Features

  • New Clarity UI
  • DeviceID to name aliasing
  • New “field does not exist” filter
  • New gauge chart
  • New “blur” on session timeout

Experimental Features

  • Agent scripted-input
  • vIDM SSO Support
  • Agent auto-update

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