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Log Insight 4.0: Supported Deployment API

Log Insight 4.0 includes more supported APIs. Read on to learn more!

Deployment APIs

Deployment APIs are now fully supported. Just like in the UI, you have two options:

1. Start New Deployment

The new API can only be used on a freshly deployed LI instance.

IMPORTANT: You must use port 9543 with the request (not 443)

2. Join an Existing Cluster

If you are looking to join a freshly deployed LI instance to an existing cluster then you can use the join API.

IMPORTANT: You must use port 9543 with the request (not 443)

After you issue a join request, you then must leverage the approve API on the master node to accept the request.

Checking Status

In addition to the deployment APIs, you can also check the status of the deployment.

A 200 HTTP status request means success, while a 500 means not yet or some kind of failure.


As always, the latest API documentation is available here.

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