Log Insight Agent: Automating Installation with PowerShell

Ever wonder how you could automate the installation of the Log Insight Agent without a configuration management tool like SCCM, Puppet, or Salt? In this post, learn about a PowerShell script available that does exactly this!

CREDIT: Everything in this post comes from the work of my colleague Jim McMahon II. Be sure to hit him up with any future enhancements to the script!

How does this script work? Simply, provide a text file containing a list of Windows FQDNs and let a rip. The script copies the MSIĀ file from a location you enter at runtime and copies the file to each server locally. It will also attempt to uninstall an existing agent if one exists before installing the new one.
An example of how to run the script would be:

PS C:\scripts> .\LIagent-install.ps1 -ComputerName (Get-Content C:\scripts\LIinstall\servers.txt) -SourceInstallFile \\controlcenter\software\LIAgent\LIAgent.msi -LIFQDN li.sflanders.net -LISSL:$true

NOTE: The LISSL option only works with Log Insight 4.3 and newer. If the parameter is set to $false, ssl=no will be specified in the liagent.ini file and port 9000 will automatically be set. This default value is true. You can still use the script to install older versions just don’t set the LISSL option.

So where can you get the code? On VMware {code} of course!

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