Log Insight Agent 4.5: Enhanced Silent Install Options

Since the Log Insight Agent was introduced, it has supported silent installation options to assist in automated deployments. The silent installation options were primarily focused around server, port, and protocol specifications. With the change of enabling SSL by default in Log Insight 4.0, additional parameters became necessary to automate the deployment of the agent in all environments. In addition, there have been feature requests to control other aspects of the agent during installation. In version 4.5, additional parameters were introduced to provide the flexibility you need. Read on to learn more!

The silent installation options are covered in the official documentation:

It should be noted that not all options are applicable to all operating systems or even package types. To eliminate confusion, I have put together the following table:
SERVERPORT,9543[|<port>],Y,Y,Port does not imply SSL so set LIAGENT_SSL as appropriate.
LIAGENT_SSL,yes[|no],Y,Y,SSL setting is regardless of port so ensure SERVERPORT is set appropriately.
AUTOUPDATE,yes[|no],N,Y,You must also enable auto-update from the vRealize Log Insight server (default) to fully enable auto-update.
LIAGENTUSER,root[|<user>],Y,N,If the user does not exist the installer creates it as a regular user.
SERVICEACCOUNT,administrator[|<user>],N,Y,The account must have the Log On As a Service privilege and write access to %ProgramData%\VMware\Log Insight Agent directory so that the installer runs correctly.
LIAGENT_INITSYSTEM,init|systemd,Y,N,If not specified agent automatically tries to determine.
LI_AGENT_RUNSERVICES,yes[|no],Y,N,This options works for the DEB package only.

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