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Log Insight: The Evolution of the UI

Log Insight has been around for many years now and the product is always evolving. I recently was asked to assist with a Log Insight instance running internally and when I logged into the UI I almost did not recognize the product. This was because the instance was running an old version of Log Insight. Based on this, I thought it would be cool to show how the UI has evolved over time. Read on to learn more!

Upgrading vIDM

Given the adoption of VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) in vRealize Suite products, I have talked about the vIDM in several blog posts. Recently, I realized my homelab was running an older version of vIDM. I figured I would share my upgrade experience. Read on to learn more!

How to Deploy Log Insight with less than 500GB of Storage

When deploying Log Insight, you have the option of selecting various deployment sizes. By default, Log Insight defaults to small. The best practice for production workloads is to deploy at least medium and whenever possible large. You will notice that by default and even with the larger deployment sizes that Log Insight allocates just over 500GB of space. In general, 500GB is not a lot of space for events and for production environments you will often need more space. With that said, some environments are small and do not require this amount of space/retention. One question I am asked is how to deploy Log Insight with less than 500GB of space. Read on to learn more!