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Tag: 2.0

Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Load Balancing

After covering the new scale-out and Windows agent features available in the Log Insight 2.0 beta, it is important to understand how to load balance traffic across a Log Insight cluster. I will cover why using a load balancer is important, what to consider when load balancing, high-level load balancer configuration, and how to balance load for the three primary ways to get data into Log Insight.

Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Windows Agent

As you probably know, Windows does not natively support syslog. Several third party syslog agents exist for Windows, but each come with a list of pros and cons (for examples see this post). In addition, getting support for a Window agent can be costly. To address these limitations, Log Insight has introduced a Windows agent. I would like to walk you through how to install and configure the agent.