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Tag: vIDM

Upgrading vIDM

Given the adoption of VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) in vRealize Suite products, I have talked about the vIDM in several blog posts. Recently, I realized my homelab was running an older version of vIDM. I figured I would share my upgrade experience. Read on to learn more!

vIDM: HA for a Small Number of Users

Someone approached me recently with the following question:

I am in the process of integrating vIDM with Log Insight and have a business requirement that vIDM be highly available. Currently, the conceptual design is looking like a 2-node cluster behind a NSX based LB. I will not have more than 15 – 20 admins using vRLI, and I’m therefore wondering if the design requires an external SQL database or not?

What is my recommendation? Read on to learn more!