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Upgrading vIDM

Given the adoption of VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) in vRealize Suite products, I have talked about the vIDM in several blog posts. Recently, I realized my homelab was running an older version of vIDM. I figured I would share my upgrade experience. Read on to learn more!

To upgrade vIDM you need CLI access to the appliance. Remember that vIDM uses the sshuser username for SSH access. When I attempted to SSH it kept failing. Logging into the UI, I noticed a red health icon in the upper right-hand side. Selecting the icon indicated that the sshuser password had expired. I navigated over to the Appliance Settings tab and select the option to Manage Configuration. From there, I went to the Change Password tab and enter password information to enable SSH access again.
With SSH access to the appliance, I could start the upgrade procedure:

One thing to note is after the reboot it appears the fingerprint of the system changed:

As you can see, the process is easy. Now, if only there was a UI to do all this…

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