Top vBlog 2016 Voting Now Open!

As you may have heard, the Top vBlog 2016 voting is now open thanks to Eric Siebert! Just like years past, the goal is to announce the top 50 VMware and virtualization blogs of 2016 based on the following criteria:

  • Longevity
  • Length
  • Frequency
  • Quality

I am honored to be on the list again this year alongside so many other bloggers and wanted to thank everyone in advance for consideration of my blog. Looking at the criteria, here are my statistics for the last year:

  • Longevity (how long they have been blogging for): I have been blogging since 2009 and my first post on was in 2011. I have been blogging about Log Insight since it was first announced back in June of 2013.
  • Length (how long the posts are): My in-depth technical posts are typically 800 words while most other posts are typically 300 words. Excluding posts with code or CLI output, it looks like my longest post is just sigh of 1500 words!
  • Frequency (how often they post): I blog three times a week. I had 156 blog posts in 2015 with 101 of them on Log Insight.
  • Quality (how well the posts are written): I will let you decide 🙂

Voting is open until 5/27 so do not delay. You can read all the details here or jump straight to voting here.



Log Insight 3.3 for vCenter Server

A major announcement with Log Insight 3.3 is that everyone with a supported vCenter Server Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus license gets an edition of Log Insight for free. If you own vCenter Server you should definitely take a look at Log Insight now that you are entitled to it. I would talk about everything you need to know on my blog, but I helped co-write the Log Insight for vCenter Server FAQ. Note the FAQ went live on February 10, nearly a month before the GA of Log Insight 3.3. It has received a major overhaul as of yesterday (2016-03-21) so even if you have seen this post in the past, please read it again from top to bottom.


I will reiterate some of the most important pieces here:

  • If you have a vCenter Server 6.0 Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus license then Log Insight 3.3 will accept it to enabled Log Insight for vCenter Server edition.
  • If you have a vCenter Server 5.0, 5.1, or 5.5 Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus license then on the vSphere download page you will see a link to Log Insight — the read more link for the Log Insight virtual appliance contains a key that can be used — Log Insight 3.3 will NOT accept keys from vCenter Server 5.x.
  • Only one Log Insight for vCenter Server key can be applied per Log Insight instance and it must be the first license added (e.g. before evaluation license) — you cannot downgrade to Log Insight for vCenter Server edition.
  • Log Insight for vCenter Server limits you to a standalone Log Insight node (no clustering/VIP), one vSphere integration (no auto configuration of ESXi), VMware product content packs (based on namespace not author), and disabled enterprise features including event forwarding, archiving, and SSL.
  • The Log Insight for vCenter Server license entitles you to 25 OSI, which can be used for any device logging whether physical or virtual, application or OS, etc.
  • If a standard license is added to a Log Insight instance with an existing vCenter Server license then the vCenter Server license is converted to a standard license as well (i.e. you get 25 OSI of standard for free with the purchase of any standard license).

Log Insight 3.3.1 Available Now!

Today, Log Insight 3.3.1 was released. This minor maintenance release was primarily to address an agent instability found. An upgrade for the agent and server are provided. Anyone leveraging a Log Insight 3.3.0 agent are encouraged to upgrade. For more information, see the release notes. The resolved issues listed are:

  • The pre-installed Log Insight agent inside the Log Insight virtual appliance is automatically configured with an invalid hostname by default.
  • The vRealize Log Insight agent may unexpectedly exit after 4-7 days of uptime on some Linux platforms.

Also note that vRealize Suite 7 was released today and it includes Log Insight 3.3.1.



Log Insight 3.0 Announced!

I am not sure if you caught the press release this morning, but Log Insight 3 (3.0 — was called 2.6 during the Tech Preview period) has been announced! Expect to here more this week at VMworld, but what is posted now is:

vRealize Log Insight™ 3 – New features in vRealize Log Insight 3 will include double the scale and performance to 15,000 messages per second, improvements in fault tolerance around clustering, analytics improvements with new charting options and query snapshots, improved integration with vRealize Operations, and improvements in Big Data style query execution.

While I cannot talk about specifics now, doubling the performance will be huge for many users, the fault tolerance improvements will be a welcome addition to those in production, the new charting options will be root cause analysis even easier and the improved integration with vR Ops is really, really cool.

In addition to Log Insight 3.0, vR Ops 6.1, NSX 6.2, VIO 2.0, SRM 6.1, vSphere APIs for IO filtering, and a Tech Preview of Project Skyscraper were all announced! Be sure to check out the entire press release here. More information is also available on the media kit.