VMworld 2010 Backpack

I have made the transition from my old Dell shoulder strap laptop case to the VMworld 2010 backpack. I have to admit that the backpack really is great. With that said, I would like to point out a couple things that I feel need improvement for VMworld 2011:

  • The laptop pouch does not have padding on the bottom. While the pouch is raised from the bottom of the backpack, it is possible to damage your laptop if not careful. I ended up taking one of the side paddings out of the Dell laptop case and putting it into the bottom of the backpack laptop pouch for protection.
  • The middle pocket has a decorative/protective flap over the zipper. Unfortunately, this flap is flimsy and does not always stay in place.
  • The small front pocket on the backpack, which says VMware, is extremely difficult to zipper. In addition, the pocket does not provide much room and I am not entirely sure what to use it for. I tried to put my power supply in the pocket, but became frustrated by the zipper.
  • The removable keyring in the VMworld 2010 pouch is often difficult to disconnect.
  • If the backpack is really full, the water bottle often falls out. Since I do not use it, it is not a problem for me. It would be nice if the water bottle could be clipped on the bag seeing how the lid is shaped to support a carabiner.

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