VMworld 2010: Final Thoughts


Here are my final thoughts on my first VMworld conference:

  • If going to the conference, try not to work. While this may not be easy, I found I missed a lot because of working related stuff
  • If you are new to VMware technology and want to learn a lot, attend sessions and do as many labs as you can
  • If you would consider yourself an advanced VMware administrator, only attend the advanced sessions and do labs that you have no experience with
  • VMworld is also about networking. Be sure to find and schedule time with experts as well as introduce yourself to peers in the field
  • Night activities are another great way to network. I would recommend checking out:
    • VMunderground – happens the Sunday before VMworld starts; be sure to register in advance though you can get tickets at the venue
    • vGeekFest – great EMC partners event by invitation; be sure to get tickets early as this event always sells out
    • Altor – a small, private party by invitation only
    • CA Associates – by far the best party at VMworld; be sure to get a wrist band at the solutions exchange
    • VMworld Party – largest party with plenty of fun events and games
  • Listen to others around you as you can learn a lot. I overheard someone asking VMware personnel why certifications are being added, but training is not. They also suggested making the labs globally available for free training purposes.

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