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Month: April 2014

Adding Virtual Disks and "Operating System not found"

I ran into a frustrating issue the other day when attempting to add multiple new virtual disks to an existing VM. Upon doing so, I received the dreaded “Operating System not found” message when the VM was started. While the underlying issue was easy to discover, the way to fix the problem became tedious due to issues with the vSphere web client. This post contains some tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Windows Agent

As you probably know, Windows does not natively support syslog. Several third party syslog agents exist for Windows, but each come with a list of pros and cons (for examples see this post). In addition, getting support for a Window agent can be costly. To address these limitations, Log Insight has introduced a Windows agent. I would like to walk you through how to install and configure the agent.

Changing VMware ESXi host logging level and why not to do it

A while back, I came across an entry from Michael White’s newsletter about changing VMware ESXi host logging levels:

Changing VMware ESXi host logging level
Someone was talking about doing this, and using this as a guide, but I would like to say you may not want to do this.  There may be a reason for the log levels, and if you change them it may be harder to support you if you call VMware for help.  And your syslog of choice should be able to handle the volume and I know – in fact better than most – that ESXi logs are noisy, but you can deal with that with good searching.

I completely agree with Michael and this post will explain why.