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Month: November 2014

Log Insight 2.5: Content Pack Marketplace

One of the greatest featuresĀ of Log Insight is its notion of content packs. Content packs are free plugins into Log Insight with pre-defined knowledge about specific events (for more information check out this post). Content packs are available from a variety of different locations and Log Insight 2.5 includes a new way that makes installing and updating content packs even easier!

Log Insight 2.5 Beta Now Available!

Log Insight 2.5 was announced at VMware Barcelona and today VMware released the Log Insight 2.5 Beta. Unless you are part of the Log Insight community you probably have not heard about all the new features that have been made available since Log Insight 2.0. To date, three Tech Previews (TP) have been released for Log Insight 2.5 and today’s beta serves as TP4.