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Heads Up! Log Insight Fails to Start with: Cannot Connect

I have heard of a few people who have restarted the Log Insight 2.5 virtual appliance and found that the Log Insight service failed to start with a Cassandra error stating it cannot connect. In this post, I would like to discuss how you can address the issue.



If you restart the Log Insight service or restart the Log Insight virtual appliance then Log Insight may fail to start with an error similar to:

Note: This issue could impact standalone instances and/or one or more nodes in a cluster, but ONLY applies to Log Insight version 2.5.


The reason Log Insight fails to start is because the Cassandra database takes too long to start. There are several reasons why the database could take a long time to start including:

  • Log Insight is improperly sized and/or Log Insight is resource constrained. Please refer to the Getting Started guide for sizing requirements.
  • The database requires repair. While repair operations runs automatically they may fail for a variety of reasons.


VMware has released a KB article with the steps required to manually perform a repair operation on the database, which should allow Log Insight to start. Given that the process requires multiple manual steps, I have written a quick script. To use the script, simply run the command and specify the repair flag:

That’s it! Of course, if you are experiencing a different issue the last step of starting Log Insight will likely fail. Note that there is no harm in running a repair operation so when in doubt try this script. With that, here is the script:

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