Synology: Testing Backup and Restore of Encrypted Folders

Now that you have a backup of your encrypted folder it is important that you test and understand the process of backup and restore. Read on to learn more!

If you have a successful backup then you could make a change and attempt a restore. If you do not want to mess with your existing configuration that you can create a quick test environment:

  • Create an encrypted folder called: test
  • Within the test folder create a folder called: before
  • Create a backup job of test to a folder called: test-bak
  • Run the backup job and ensure it is successful
  • Within the test folder rename before to: after
  • Go back to the backup job and select restore
  • After the operation finishes go back to the test folder and ensure you see the folder: before
  • Delete the backup job
  • Delete the destination location
  • Delete both the test and test-bak folders

Note: When I first performed these steps the restore operation spun for hours — I even let it run over night — but never completed. I attempted to cancel the operation, but that did not work. I did have time machine backups running at the same time, but besides that I am not aware of anything that might have been interrupting the restore. Eventually, I decided to reboot the Synology. Unfortunately, the Synology never came back and was left with a constantly blinking blue light. I did a hard reset by pulling out the power and the Synology came back up. The second attempt of backup and restore worked as expected.

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