Log Insight 4.5: Preinstalled Content Packs

Log Insight has always shipped with the General and vSphere content packs. Several enhancements have been made to these content pack in version 4.5. In addition, more content packs are now included out of the box. Read on to learn more!


The General content pack was revamped for the first time since its release. The major update includes:

  • New statistics dashboard —┬áProvides information about unique hosts and sources logging in addition to information about unique app names, unique channels and file logs collecting events.
  • New problems dashboard —┬áProvides generic problem information discovered by Log Insight’s machine learning including event types and event trends.
  • New syslog agents dashboard — For sources not using the Log Insight agent.


The vSphere content pack received two major enhancements:

  1. Security — enhanced dashboards and new alerts
  2. vCenter reconfiguration — enhanced dashboard

In addition, the updated version contains multiple bug fixes. The only way to get the latest vSphere content pack is to upgrade to the latest version of Log Insight.


In addition, the VSAN and vROps content packs are included out of the box. The VSAN content pack works without any additional configuration required. The vROps content pack does require configuring the agent groups. Enhancements have been made to make configuration of the vROps content pack easier as well.

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