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Log Insight Alerts: Email and Returned Results

One of the options for enabling user alerts is to send an email. The format of the message is standard across all thresholds, however the way in which data returned is different. The difference is important depending on how much information you want to be contained in the email versus available in Log Insight. I would like to walk through the email format as well as the different ways in which the data can be returned.

Log Insight Webhook Shim Updated

In Log Insight 3.3, webhooks were introduced as an alert type. Shortly after the Log Insight 3.3 announcement, Alan Castonguay and I published some webhook shims that could be used with Log Insight to provide integration to a variety of third-party destinations. I am happy to announce a major update to the existing shim including support for vRealize Operations Manager. Read on to learn more!

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