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Tag: vR Ops

Log Insight Webhook Shim Updated

In Log Insight 3.3, webhooks were introduced as an alert type. Shortly after the Log Insight 3.3 announcement, Alan Castonguay and I published some webhook shims that could be used with Log Insight to provide integration to a variety of third-party destinations. I am happy to announce a major update to the existing shim including support for vRealize Operations Manager. Read on to learn more!

vRealize Operations Manager Content Pack for Log Insight

As you probably know, there is a vRealize Operations Manager (vR Ops) content pack for Log Insight. In fact, one exists for vR Ops 5.x and a separate one exists for vR Ops 6.x. In this post, I would like to talk about the 6.x version of the content pack and also point out an important piece of information regarding configuration starting with vR Ops 6.0.1.