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Log Insight Agent 4.5: Enhanced Silent Install Options

Since the Log Insight Agent was introduced, it has supported silent installation options to assist in automated deployments. The silent installation options were primarily focused around server, port, and protocol specifications. With the change of enabling SSL by default in Log Insight 4.0, additional parameters became necessary to automate the deployment of the agent in all environments. In addition, there have been feature requests to control other aspects of the agent during installation. In version 4.5, additional parameters were introduced to provide the flexibility you need. Read on to learn more!

Log Insight Agent : Excluding Events with Blacklist

As you probably know, the Log Insight agent allows you to explicitly include or exclude:

  • filelog: log files within a directory
  • winlog: Windows event viewer channels

One question I received at VMworld was if you could explicitly include or exclude:

  • filelog: certain log messages from within a log file
  • winlog: certain events from within Windows event viewer channels

In this post, I will provide the answer. Read on to learn more!

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