Update: I Have A Fitness Confession

It has been a while since I have done a fitness post, and I figured it would be best to provide an update from my last post. So how did I do?

Why the lack of fitness posts?

First, let me answer why I have not been holding to my goal of two fitness posts a week. Over the last four months, my life has been stressful. While I will not bore you with all the details, I can easily state that the last four months have been the most stressful time in my life, and I have been swamped. As a result, two things gave way:

  1. Fitness: I was forced to give up CrossFit temporarily due to life changes
  2. Blogging: I was forced to stop blogging due to a lack of time

While things are still stressful now, I can finally get back to blogging, and I am just starting to get back into fitness. Long story short, I hope to be back to my regular schedule on blogging, however, the stressful time is far from over, so we will have to see if I can maintain the current schedule.

How did I do on my goal?

As you may recall, in my last post, I talked about my sugar addiction and set a rather aggressive goal for myself. I failed. It really is that simple. Given the stress in my life, the lack of CrossFit, and my complete lack of motivation, I failed, and my body shows the results. I have put on weight. How much? I honestly do not know. It kills me, yet the stress outweighs (literally) the desire to fix it. I am seeking comfort and finding it in food… again.

So what now?

I had started to run again, but more life changes have limited my ability to keep it up. As a result, I had to do something about my diet, and I am currently on Dukan. While Dukan would not be sustainable with CrossFit, it is perfect given my minimal workout schedule at this time, and I have lost some of the weight. Of course, the side effect is that I have also lost some of the muscle.


It is amazing what life changes can do to you. I am happy to say that I am better at controlling my diet, but I really need to get back to exercising. My short-term goal is to get back to running — especially before the winter — and hope to be back to CrossFit by the time winter makes running less than desirable. I will keep you posted!

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2 comments on “Update: I Have A Fitness Confession

I’m with you Steve. Sugar, beer (scotch), bread are my additions. I’ve an avid bicyclist, and living in WI makes it even harder to stay fit throughout the year. I tried something new this year as part of my new year’s resolution to cure the cravings. No I’m not pitching something, No I don’t have a beachbody coach, I buy it from a discount website probably from china or india somewhere to get my dicounts, but Shakeology seems to be working for me. A shake in the AM for breakfast replacement has cured my cravings for sugar. I don’t have them anymore. I can focus on eating healthier. I’ve been doing this now for about 3 weeks, and I’ve lost 20 pounds just by replacing my breakfast and eating whole foods. Now that it’s March and the snow is melting, I can’t wait to get on the bike and see how many more lbs I can lose. Stay Motivate my friend.

Hey Nate — Thanks for the comment and I can totally relate! I have actually heard a lot about Shakeology and know a lot a people who have tried and liked it.

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