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Month: November 2016

Log Insight Webhook Shim Updated

In Log Insight 3.3, webhooks were introduced as an alert type. Shortly after the Log Insight 3.3 announcement, Alan Castonguay and I published some webhook shims that could be used with Log Insight to provide integration to a variety of third-party destinations. I am happy to announce a major update to the existing shim including support for vRealize Operations Manager. Read on to learn more!

Log Insight Agent : Excluding Events with Blacklist

As you probably know, the Log Insight agent allows you to explicitly include or exclude:

  • filelog: log files within a directory
  • winlog: Windows event viewer channels

One question I received at VMworld was if you could explicitly include or exclude:

  • filelog: certain log messages from within a log file
  • winlog: certain events from within Windows event viewer channels

In this post, I will provide the answer. Read on to learn more!