Log Insight 4.0 Available Now!

I am happy to announce the release of Log Insight 4.0. As always, this release has a ton of new features. Read on to learn more!

What’s New

What’s Fixed

  • Active Directory groups are no longer case-sensitive
  • Agent CLF parser respects space and tab characters
  • Event forwarder can now send more events with fewer threads
  • vSphere integration does not leave idle vCenter Server sessions

What’s Changed

  • Agent now defaults to SSL on — no change on upgrade
  • New Event forwarding destinations now default to verifying SSL certificates
  • Enabling content pack user alerts now subscribes you to changes as the content pack is updated
  • Log Insight for vCenter now allows you to change the SSL certificate from the UI

How to Upgrade

No changes.

  • You must be running Log Insight 3.6 — upgrades must be sequential from every GA release.
  • You must access the cluster master’s FQDN (not ILB VIP) and ensure you have access to ports 443 and 80.
  • You go to the /admin/cluster page and follow the upgrade workflow.


VMware has done it again with another solid release of Log Insight. As always, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version, but be sure to read through the release notes before you do. Also, be sure to leave a comment and let me know how the upgrade went as well as what you think about the new features.
Note that Log Insight 2.5 went end of support on September 10, 2016. Now that Log Insight 4.0 is out, Log Insight 3.0 is on the clock for end of support — the official date is for Log Insight 3.0 remains 2017/09/10 and the date for Log Insight 3.6 moves to 2017/11/15. If you do plan to stick with Log Insight 3.x, the recommendation is to move to the latest 3.6.x version.

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