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Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Load Balancing

After covering the new scale-out and Windows agent features available in the Log Insight 2.0 beta, it is important to understand how to load balance traffic across a Log Insight cluster. I will cover why using a load balancer is important, what to consider when load balancing, high-level load balancer configuration, and how to balance load for the three primary ways to get data into Log Insight.

Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Windows Agent

As you probably know, Windows does not natively support syslog. Several third party syslog agents exist for Windows, but each come with a list of pros and cons (for examples see this post). In addition, getting support for a Window agent can be costly. To address these limitations, Log Insight has introduced a Windows agent. I would like to walk you through how to install and configure the agent.

Log Insight: Supported Upgrade Paths + Procedures

In the last 18 months, Log Insight has released 4 GA versions, 8 TP versions (including beta), and 1 patch version (applicable to 1.5 and 2.0). Also during this time, the upgrade procedure has evolved starting with a CLI RPM upgrade in 1.0, switching to a GUI RPM upgrade in 1.5 TP2, and finally switching to a GUI PAK upgrade for 1.5 GA. In Log Insight 2.0, clustering was introduced and this increased the upgrade procedure by adding the requirement to upgrade workers. Finally, there are upgrade dependencies that must be followed. In order to make upgrades easier to understand, I would like to break it down into supported upgrade paths and supported upgrade procedures.

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