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Log Insight 2.5: Hosts Overview Table

As you start logging more and more of your environment to Log Insight, it becomes important to understand what devices have been seen. The two common use-cases for this include understanding licenses requirements and to determine whether a host that was previously logging has stopped logging. In Log Insight 2.5 this feature has been introduced as a Hosts table under administration.

vCenter Log Insight – Administration Overview

Another important section in the Log Insight web UI is the administration section. The administration section provides health information as well as allows for the modification of configuration settings. All information displayed during the initial configuration wizard of the product can be modified from the administration section.
I would like to cover all aspects of the administration section that are not configurable during the initial configuration wizard.

5 Reasons Why A Log Insight Content Pack Widget Returns No Results

I have been asked a few times why a content pack does not return any results. The actual symptoms of the problem often vary between:

  • None of the widgets return any results
  • One or more dashboards return no results while other dashboards do return results
  • A particular widget does not return any results when results are expected

In this post, I would like to discuss how to troubleshoot the problem.

Log Insight 2.5 Beta Now Available!

Log Insight 2.5 was announced at VMware Barcelona and today VMware released the Log Insight 2.5 Beta. Unless you are part of the Log Insight community you probably have not heard about all the new features that have been made available since Log Insight 2.0. To date, three Tech Previews (TP) have been released for Log Insight 2.5 and today’s beta serves as TP4.

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